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National High School Federation Baseball Rules will be enforced with the following exceptions:


  • Schedules will be made by the Select Baseball League.
  • Each team must play all games on schedule.
  • Teams have the liberty to schedule tournaments or outside games.


  • The Select League will determine how teams are placed in each division by reviewing previous records & written requests.


  • Every Monday / Tuesday of each week, it is your responsibility to check in with your opponent and make sure everything is exact on the Select League site as far as address, field name and times. If there are any special instructions, please relay that information.


  • Always double check your field permits each week.  We do not want teams showing up to a field that is being used.   


  • If the home teams’ field is unplayable and their opponent can get a field within 2 hours of the original start time then the home team must go to the opponent’s field, this is not optional.  If the start time is not within the 2-hour original start time, then that team does not have to travel to that opponent unless they choose to do so.  All time changes have to be made before the Monday morning of the upcoming week or we will enforce the 2-hour window of the original start time.  We want all teams to be flexible with this, but we have to have some rules in place.  Please understand that there are always changes so be as flexible as you can and do your best to accommodate the change. 


  • Scores must be posted on your team page no later than Monday of each week.


  • Home Teams responsible for scheduling umpires.  The host team is home the first game & away the second game. 
  • Teams will split cost of umpires.
  • 9U-10U: One patched umpire.
  • 10U Elite-12U: We recommend two patched umpires but games can be played with one if both teams agree.
  • 13U-18U: Two patched umpires.


  • Players must meet age eligibility requirements (May 1st).
  • Starting the game: 
  • All games must be started with at least 8 players. 
  • If a team starts with 8 players, then an automatic out will be called every time the 9th batter comes up. If and when a 9th player arrives at any time during the game, that player is to be inserted immediately into the line up in the 9th spot.
  • Players are only allowed to be on 1 roster. Players are not allowed to play on 2 different teams for the playoffs. Whatever roster that player is on is the only team they can play on in the playoffs. 
  • If a team has 9 or less players for a game, then that team can add players from their other teams for that game to make 10 players. This request has to be emailed to the league for approval.  Those players need to bat last in the lineup. This is not allowed if a team already has 10 or more players at the game.  These players are allowed to pitch in non-division games only, if it is a division game that player is not allowed to pitch.  


  • Teams can use any brand for baseballs as long as you are using a good quality baseball.
  • Teams need to split baseballs for each double header.


  • 9U-12U all divisions: USA Stamped Bats Only or BBCOR -3
  • 13U: USSSA Bats BPF 1.15, USA Stamped Bats or BBCOR -3
  • 14U & 15U-18U: BBCOR -3 Bats or Wood Bats
  • If a player is found using an illegal bat and gets on base, then he will be called out. If the player is found during the at bat using an illegal bat, then the player must switch bats and will be allowed to finish the at bat.  This is similar to batting out of order.
  • Blast Motion sensors will be legal during league play.
  • The following BPF 1.15 bats will not be used at the 13u level.
    • 2015 Demarini CF7 (-5)
    • 2015 Easton XL1 (-5)
    • 2016 Demarini CF8 (-5)
    • 2016 Demarini CF8 (-8)
    • 2016 Demarini CF8 (-10)
    • 2017 All Demarini CF Zen Bats
    • Louisville Slugger Blue Meta Composite (33/30 model only)
    • 2018 Dirty South Kamo BB KA 8 (30/22, 31/21, 32/22, 31/23, 32/24 only)
    • (Easton) Ghost X (30/20 only – USA Baseball Marked)


  • Forfeits will not be counted towards playoffs. If a team forfeits a division game / double header, then that team will have to pay a forfeit fee to the other team. This will also apply to non-division games as well. Canceling games due to not enough players will not be tolerated.  This fee is $250 per game ($500 per double header).
  • This does not apply for cancelations due to weather.


  • 9U-12U: 6 innings. (Official game is 4 innings, playoffs will be different)
  • 13U-18U: 7 innings. (Official game is 4 innings, playoffs will be different)


  • 9U-12U: Plastic cleats.
  • 13U-18U: Metal or plastic cleats.


  • 9U, 10U DI & DII Divisions: 46ft mound, 60ft bases no leading.
  • 10U Elite Division: 46ft mound, 65ft bases leading and stealing.
  • 11U-12U Divisions: 50ft mound, 70ft bases leading and stealing.
  • 13U-18U: 60.6ft mound, 90ft bases leading and stealing.


  • 9U-18U: 15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings & 8 runs after 5 innings.
  • Home team always gets their last at bat if needed.


  • The Select League will follow the Pitch Smart pitching guidelines. This will be strictly enforced in our league playoffs (these might change so go by the email we send out). Coaches should adhere to these policies as it is in the best interest of the players.
  • Pitch Smart Guidelines
  • There are no warnings on balks besides 10U Elite level for the month of April. There will be one warning per pitcher.
  • If a balk is called then the play is dead. Each base-runner moves up one base.
  • Pitchers cannot fake to third base; it will be considered a balk.
  • The pitcher must be replaced on the 2nd mound visit per inning or the 3rd mound visit in the game. This resets for each pitcher.


  • Coaches simply need to tell the umpire that you are intentionally walking the batter and no longer need to throw four pitches. The ball is dead.


  • Re-entry rule. A player can only re-enter in the same batting slot in the line-up. You can never hit in 2 different spots in the line-up during a game.
  • Re-entry for a pitcher: In the event a pitcher is substituted with a pinch-runner or hitter, the pitcher may re-enter the game immediately as long as another pitcher does not throw a pitch. If he re-enters after someone else throws a pitch, he will not be allowed to pitch in that game.


  • The batting order must consist of at least 8 players. Teams can use an EH and a DH in the same line-up. Teams also have the option of using as many EH’s as they want.
  • If a team starts with 8 players, then an automatic out will be called every time the 9th batter comes up. If and when a 9th player arrives at any time during the game, that player is to be inserted immediately into the line up in the 9th spot.
  • When you move the EH around in the field you do not have to tell the other team what position he is playing each inning.  You only have to tell the other team if your lineup changes.
  • If a player is injured while using a continuous batting order and that players spot in the batting order comes up, an out is recorded and then they can continue with the batting order.


  • Teams can use a courtesy runner for the catcher & pitcher at any time.
  • The courtesy runner must be any available substitute that has not entered the game yet or the last battered out if no substitutes. 


  • If a game is tied after regulation (before the time limit), then one regular extra inning will be played. If still no winner, then the game will end in a tie. (Excludes Playoffs)
  • No runners will be placed on the bases in extra innings.
  • If a game is tied after the time limit, then that game will end in a tie (no extra innings).
  • For division games that goes into extra innings
    • If both teams score and a team wins then the winning team is awarded 1 run
      • Example: if the score is tied 5-5 at the end of regulation and the final score ends up being 12-10 the score is recorded 6-5 for the winner
    • If both teams score but it is still tied after the extra inning the score goes back to the original score before extra innings
      • Example: if the score is tied 5-5 at the end of regulation and the final score ends 12-12 tie  then the score is recorded as 5-5
  • We will not penalize teams that go into extra innings in the runs against column


  • 2 hours for 9U-12U and 2 hours and 15 minutes for 13U - 18U levels.
  • Both teams should be on the same page with the start time. If there is a discrepancy, it will go by the home team's start time.
  • This is not a drop-dead time limit. No new inning can start after the time limit has been reached. If the home team is up to bat and is winning the game when the time limit expires the game will end at the point of time expiration. If you start an inning before the time limit, you must finish it. 


  • There is no catch-and-carry. If a fielder steps into dead-ball territory with both feet, or falls in dead-ball territory, you have an immediate dead ball and base awards (one base).


  • Must slide within reach of base with hand or foot, but not in a path toward the defender (except straight in).
  • No rolling or pop-up slides into fielder; no slide through the base to contact defender (except at home). No raised leg above defender's knee; no slashing or kicking; no malicious contact with fielder.
  • On force play, must slide in direct line between bases.
  • No slide is okay if they move away / do not alter the play


  • No slash bunting. A slash bunt will automatically be ruled a strike and a dead ball whether the batter makes contact with the ball or not. 


  • A coach or player ejection carries removal from that game only.
  • The commissioner has the authority to suspend a coach or player for a longer period of time based on the severity of the act.


  • Will follow Little League rules.
  • No drop 3rd strike. The batter is automatically out and the runners can advance at their own risk.
  • There is a infield fly rule.